Maslak 1453

Life begins in MASLAK 1453 with shopping, entertainment, culture, arts and sports facilities !

Maslak 1453, Europe's largest living complex with a construction area of 2 million m2, is a brand new neighborhood in the heart of Istanbul with its residential, office, shopping and social areas.

Project built by Agaoglu Construction at Maslak 1453 delivered immediately. Maslak 1453 project, rising 325000 square meters, is located next to the Fatih Forest. Maslak 1453 project has 1+0, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 flats options. The Project has 4203 residential units and 1055 commercial units.

Ağaoğlu Maslak 1453 Advertising Film – I stand at the right place

“Maslak 1453 modern Nişantaşı”

Ali Agaoglu stated that Maslak 1453, Europe's largest mixed-life project on a 2 million square meter construction site, has grown as a new city in the city and described it as:

Avenue 1453, which will host the distinguished brands of the domestic and foreign world, will provide shopping, culture, art activities, sports entertainment and all the necessary things together which will save the residents time. There will be gourmet restaurants planned independently of the units, offering delicacies from international cuisine, it will be located on street 1453, and cafes that will allow you to have a pleasant time.

As a result of organized street culture, open to car and pedestrian traffic, Maslak 1453 provides easy access to shopping, social activities, eating and drinking opportunities for a 20,000 people as well as for population of over a million people who live and work in a distance of 15 minutes. Designed by examining samples from around the world, Street 1453 offers the opportunity to shop in luxury stores as well as taste different tastes. He promised that residents and visitors will have 365 days full of life, culture and arts activities.

Maslak 1453 with its social entertainment areas that allow all activities of night and day life will be a modern Nişantaşı” (popular place in Istanbul).

Ağaoğlu reminded that the project is on the metro walking distance, close to the Bosphorus Bridge, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and is within 10 minutes distance from Istanbul New Airport. "It is located adjacent to Maslak 1453 holding management centers, plazas, management offices of national and international companies, providing easy access to the third bridge connecting roads. Also, Maslak 1453 is beside big shopping mall, educational institutions, hospitals and 5 star hotels in the region”.

Ağaoğlu Maslak 1453 Introduction Film

Maslak 1453 consists A. B and C blocks with 24 towers of 3 different types. There are 4039 housing units with floor heights varying from 3.25 to 3.5 meters. You will experience security and comfort with receptionist and security personal in every building entrance. You will be at ease with the possibility of direct connection to the towers from street 1453, and the ability to connect directly to the car parks via elevators. Despite their size, wide and open view apartments is offering optimum square meter usage.
The terrace houses of 642 residences, have direct connections to street 1453. In this way you will be able to use your time more effectively and complete all your needs in a short time. Terrace houses are designed to be directly connected to elevators and parking lots. Each terrace house will have its own reception area. The terrace houses are located in a completely green area and facing the landscape with nature view.
Agaoglu Maslak 1453 Project has 1453 meter long street which will allow you to complete all your needs. Along the avenue you will find shops, exclusive boutiques, art galleries, world famous stores where you will find exclusive brands, food and beverage venues in two different shopping centers which will be located at the beginning and end of the street. Because of the road connections on outer circumference, Street 1453's traffic is designed to provide great convenience to project residents. In this way, you will have the opportunity to enjoy shopping and to spend time without having to catch traffic.

In addition, the entire project is designed not to conflict home and office transportation with shopping and visitor traffic.

You will witness these magnificent organizations while the fashion center in Agaoglu Maslak 1453 Istanbul will host the spectacular defeats. In the fashion center, there will be workshops and boutiques for young fashioners as well as the exclusive boutiques of renowned fashion designers. It is aimed to reveal the indisputable ores of young fashioners and to create a new attraction center for fashion, the biggest fashion center and fashion showroom center of Turkey Agaoglu Maslak 1453.
With restaurants and cafes located on an open area of 5.000 m², you will have the opportunity to taste different tastes from around the world at any time of the day. You will experience the most special moments in restaurants and cafés designed to appeal to every taste. Cafes and restaurants that welcome you from your home or office will delight you with delicacies from all over the world.
Project will consist two giant squares. One of the squares will have area of 12,000 m² and the other square will have area of 28,000 m² . This will make you feel right in the middle of the life. With elite shops, many other activity areas, you will not know how the time passes. That will be the attraction center of Istanbul.
Theaters are equipped with the world's most advanced technology to host international teams. The cinema in the shopping center will serve the audience as well. There is also an amphitheater for outdoor shows and concerts, as well as a special stage for children.